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Shears Lounge Offers Care for Men’s Braiding Services

Do you find it challenging to achieve the ideal style for your hair? Shears Lounge offers exception braiding, locs, dreads, twists, and more for men.

We have dependable specialists who consistently deliver remarkable results. You can select from a wide range of styles that we provide. 

Located in Norfolk, VA, we focus on giving our clients the care they deserve. Men, too, desire pampering and professional services to their hair. 

Our guiding principle is to allow you to look great and feel even better after you leave our salon. Each stylist offers years of experience and dedication to you! 

Our team is made up of skilled stylists who are passionate about what they do. Shears Lounge invites you to give us a try! As you enter our welcoming and friendly space, let your worries go.

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