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Unmatched Braiding & Loc's Services in Norfolk, VA

The Shears Lounge stylists specialize in hair braiding and Loc's to create unique and beautiful hair designs for all our customers. Hair braiding is an ancient art form from Africa passed down through generations. Hair braiding is a protective style that frees you from heat and chemicals. 

Schedule a consultation at our Norfolk, VA salon, or visit us today to find the perfect look just for you..

We strive to know the most contemporary hair styling techniques and products to keep your hair healthy from roots to ends. We discuss hair goals with each client and the ideal style for you. Each stylist in our salon has many years of expertise and works hard to make each client happy. 

Find the Perfect Natural Look that Flatters Your Style

We are aware that trends can shift almost immediately. That's why we stay on top of those trends and constantly searching for the newest fashions. We are never afraid to experiment or discuss your ideal appearance. Our goal is to assist and make you feel your best by providing a skilled stylist to help you create and achieve the look you want to satisfy your unique and personal requirements.

  • Senegalese Twist

  • Box Braids

  • Feed in Braids

  • Sew in Hair Extensions

  • Dreadlock Cornrows

  • Soft Locs

  • Kinky Twist

  • Micro Braids

  • Goddess Braids

  • Stich Braids

  • Retwist Dreads

A protective style does not mean it doesn't need care. We offer hair care from scalp to ends. You are in our excellent hands.

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Mens Twists


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