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Get the Gorgeous and Healthy Hair that You Desire at Shears Lounge.

Set the style you desire with Shears Lounge, a beauty salon in Norfolk, Va, we are the source of the look you’ll love! Whether you follow or set the trends, turn to our team of talents for coloring, cutting, braiding, styling, and so much more!

Let us transform your hair into a subtle style or a daring look.

Shears Lounge’s Mission

It’s our mission is to deliver a unique experience focused on exceptional service to provide healthy hair along with technical excellence.

"Cut, Trim, and Create the Best"

No Flaws Detected

We are a full-service beauty salon in Norfolk, Virginia. We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service and a wide array of hair and beauty services.

We focus on serving our customers by protecting your hair's health no matter how you wear your hair. Our loyal customers know that we provide exceptional care to your hair no matter the length or texture. We care for your hair from the roots to the tips, so you will look fabulous when you step out of our door.

Our Exceptional Services Include
A Unique Experience

We hope to develop lasting relationships with our clients by designing the ideal style for you. Our entire team stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and products to not only make you look great but also enhance your hair's health.

We strive to give you the most pleasing possible salon experience at Shears Lounge. The particular requirements of each client are the focus of our knowledgeable, courteous personnel. Try any of our talented stylists at any time.

An excellent style resembles a piece of art. It conveys your distinct sense of style and individuality. At every visit, the skilled and imaginative team of hair stylists discuss with you to ensure that we create the look you want. 

A Stress-Free Environment

We offer everything you need in a salon. We offer season specials like back to school and a relaxing lounge area when you need to leave the daily stress behind. Join us for the weekend for our complementary wine and cheese tasting.

Monthly Blog

Embracing the Essence: Current Trends in African Hair Braiding

African hair braiding is not only a timeless tradition but also an ever-evolving art form that showcases the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the African continent. It intertwines tradition with modern influences, creating a tapestry of styles that captivate and inspire. As we step into 2024, let's explore the current trends in African hair braiding and shed light on how The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon in Norfolk, VA, stands as a vanguard in celebrating and leading the way in African hair culture.


Neo-Traditional Styles

The resurgence of neo-traditional African hair braiding styles has been a defining trend in 2024. These styles pay homage to traditional techniques while incorporating contemporary elements, resulting in a fusion that resonates with individuals seeking to embrace their cultural roots in a modern context. The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon recognizes the significance of neo-traditional styles and offers a diverse array of braiding options that honor and elevate these timeless techniques.


Vibrant Colors

The use of vibrant colors to accentuate and enliven braided hairstyles has taken center stage in current trends. From bold hues that make a statement to subtle pops of color that add dimension, the infusion of vibrant tones has reinvigorated the art of African hair braiding. The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon prides itself on mastering the art of color application in braided hairstyles, empowering clients to express their individuality through captivating color combinations that breathe new life into traditional braiding techniques.


Beaded Accents and Hair Jewelry

Beaded accents and intricate hair jewelry have emerged as embellishments that elevate African hair braiding to a new level of elegance and sophistication. These adornments add a touch of regality and personalization, allowing individuals to infuse their braided styles with unique flair. The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon understands the allure of these embellishments and excels in the intricate placement of beads and jewelry, creating spellbinding braided masterpieces that embody grace and opulence.


The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon: Pioneering African Hair Culture

Nestled in the heart of Norfolk, VA, The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon stands as a beacon of excellence in celebrating African hair culture and leading the way in embracing the latest trends in African hair braiding. With a team of skilled artisans who are deeply rooted in the artistry of African hair traditions, The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon offers a sanctuary where clients can immerse themselves in the beauty of diverse braiding styles, from classic to contemporary, and experience the magic of African hair culture firsthand.


In conclusion, the current trends in African hair braiding embody a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and individual expression. As we traverse the realms of tradition and modernity, The Shears Lounge Beauty Salon remains at the forefront, nurturing a space where the spirit of African hair culture thrives and where clients are invited to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression through the art of braiding.




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